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Sanitize Touchless Smart Faucet For Kitchen & Bathroom Sinks

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Grab The Smart Sanitize Touchless Automatic Faucet Adapter For Kitchen & Bathroom Sinks While The Store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on!


This simple but intelligent device can instantly transform your existing kitchen and bathroom faucet into an automatic touchless motion sensitive tap. It takes just a few minutes to install so the derived benefits are felt immediate: 

  • Easy and more convenient access to water
  • Improved water saving which is an environmentally good thing
  • Significantly better hygiene and sanitation in the home


Why We Need More Smart Tech Sanitary Fittings

demonstration of the automatic on off flow rate of the smart faucet adapter

We all know that as global consumers we play an important part to ensure we do our bit to help the environment, not just for our immediate good health but to protect our future children who will inherit what we leave behind.

Our throw away style of living is unsustainable and we as consumers as a collective force need to do more. The smart Sanitize Touchless Kitchen Faucet adapter reduces water wastage, saves you money, is affordable and simple to install and in our books this ticks all the right boxes as an enviromentally good product that we wholeheartedly endorse.

In addition, COVID-19 has brought home the urgent need for us to be ever more vigilant of our personal hygiene. Germs and viruses are primarily spread by coming into contact with objects that others have touched such as kitchen and bathroom taps, elevator buttons, tables, hard-backed chairs, door knobs, light switches, phones, tablets, touch screens, remote controls, keyboards, handles, desks, toilets, sinks, etc.

As a result we need to be vigilant and clean our hands more frequently to stop the spread of germs - and potentially viruses - from contaminating onto other objects in the home and elsewhere. The problem is if your tap is full of germs and viruses, touching the tap to turn it off once you've washed your hands, just contaminates your hands again and the towel you use to dry them. This is then a risk to others when they use the sink or towel or anything else that you will have come into contact with while your hands were still contaminated, even though you'd washed them.

Sanitize Touchess Kitchen Faucet adapter is a simple and affordable solution. It can help us fight the battle against the spread of bacteria and viruses in our immediate environment by using smart motion sensor technology to turn on water hands free. No need to touch the tap, water flows automatically and stops automatically, so no potential cross contamination. Instead germs, bacteria and viruses get washed down the sink where they belong.


How the Sanitize Smart Motion Activated Faucet Adapter Works

There are 2 motion sensors giving 2 water flow types:

Instant Flow Mode: The sensor positioned at the bottom of the faucet adapter can be triggered for instant short water requirements such as washing hands, washing vegetables, etc. How it works is when an object such as a hand is placed within a distance of up to 10cm from the motion sensor, water flows immediately. When the hand or object is removed from the sensor, water stops instantly. Water flow will remain in on position - so long as the motion sensor remains activated - for a maximium of 20 seconds, enough time for such activities as cleaning one's hands or cleaning vegetables, etc.

Long Flow Mode: The motion sensor positioned at the side of the faucet adapter can be triggered either by swiping one's hand near the sensor or when an object activities it such as from the side of pots and pans. This sensor is activiated when an object comes within a distance of 5cm, which opens the flow of water. The difference with this sensor is the duration of water flow, which can last a maximum of 3 minutes even if the object that activated the sensor is removed. If you swipe your hand over the sensor a second time, water discharge stops instantly. This flow option is preferred when a longer duration of water flow is required, such as filling the sink with water or pots, pans, kettle etc.


Why You Will Love The Santize Smart Faucet Adapter

Simple & Convenient: Just place your hand under the faucet and water will flow automatically until you move your hand away from the sensor. It's the easiest and most hygienic way to use the sink.

Affordable: The touchless faucet adapter is affordable compared to other touchless faucets, and it prevents the unnecessary waste of throwing away your current, perfectly good faucet. With its smart water flow system, Sanitize helps you save water and money by reducing up to 65% of wasted unnecessary running water.

Improved Home Hygiene: Using no touch automatic faucet water flow technology avoids the need to directly touch taps that often harbor illness-causing germs. It is a simple yet efficient way to improve hygiene and sanitation in your home so you can enjoy a cleaner home environment.

Simple Installation : Sanitize comes with 6 of the most common types of connectors that fit standard kitchen faucets. It's fast and easy to install and doesn't require a professional plumber to fit. Simple and fast USB charging of the motion sensir by standard usb cable which is included in the box. One full charge can last up to 6 months!

Upgrade To Touchless: Upgrade your standard faucet with the smart double sensor faucet adapter and immediately enjoy two sensor areas - top and bottom - and two water flowing modes. Plus a 0.25 second fast water induction rate to provide you simple and convenient water every time, and of course excellent water and energy savings which is great for the environment.

Summary Advantages of a Touchless Kitchen Faucet Tap

  • Inductively drains water.
  • Water saving device, which is good for the environment
  • Instantly improve home santisation quickly and easily
  • Easy assemble and disassemble.
  • Very long (rechargeable) battery life.
  • Water overflow protection.
  • IPX6 Waterproof.


Sanitize Smart Kitchen Faucet - Main Features

  1. Upgraded double sensor faucet with two sets of sensing areas and two water modes
  2. 0.25 second fast induction flow.
  3. Drains water inductively by IR, reducing touch pollution.
  4. First-class water efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.
  5. Simple design.
  6. Six sets of faucet adapters that fit most conventional faucet designs.

What comes in the smart faucet retail packagePackage Includes:

1 x Infrared Induction Water Saving Device For Faucet
1 x Installation Wrench 
3 x Seal Rings 
6 x Adapters
1 x Instructions



Manufacturer - Xiaomi Ecological Chain
Weight -  105g
Size-  60x34x49mm
Standby Energy Consumption -    ≤0.2mW
Working Water Pressure -   0.05-0.8MPa
Sensing Area -  Side Sensor 0-5cm/Bottom Sensor 0-10cm
Water Efficiency - First Level
Protection Grade  -  IPX6
Charging Method -  USB



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Water flows automatically, no touch is required to turn on the faucet

2 motion sensors to provide hands free water access from your faucet

the touchless faucet with 5 minutes easy installation instructions

infra red sensor for improved energy saving


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