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Twine™ Cat Ring Stirling Silver

$21.99 $42.99



Stunning wrap-around cat ring that will send you into a spiral of cat obsession.

Simply sweet charm of the Twine™ Cat Ring, with its adorable ears and delicately curled tail, will add a bit of purr-sonality and flair to any ensemble, casual or couture.

Channeling the true nature of its feline muse, the Twine™ Cat Ring is flexible: wear it as a regular ring or gently adjust it to be worn as a trendy midi ring. This adjustable silver cat ring will fit any finger – and any outfit. 

The Twine Cat Ring can be paired with other bands or jeweled rings for a charming trendy twist to your outfit of the day. To adjust the ring’s size, slowly pull on the ears or tail until you have the perfect fit, then squeeze as needed so there’s no sliding.

Never has a sterling silver cat ring been so versatile! Subtle in its cat-like charm, turning a simple accessory into an artistic, abstract blend of fashion and the feline form. A smile will surely never be far behind with this sweet little kitty delicately wrapped around your finger.