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Finger Pulse Oximeter Spo2 Oxygen Saturation Heart Rate Monitor w Finger Plethysmograph & Perfusion Indicator

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Grab The RX Portable Finger Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen Saturation Heart Rate Monitor & Spo2 Reading With Finger Plethysmograph & Perfusion Indicator By RX Contec Before the LAUNCH STORE DISCOUNT ends. 


RX finger pulse ox monitor for accurate blood oxygen and pulse rate readings


pulse oximeter is a small portable device that adopts advanced technology to mainly check SpO2 and PR values (amount of oxygen in the blood and pulse rate) through the finger. It also monitors changes in blood volume in the skin. It is a non invasive method for monitoring a person's oxygen saturation (SO2).

Oximeter pulse reading of SpO2 (peripheral oxygen saturation) is not always identical to the reading of SaO2 (arterial oxygen saturation) from arterial blood gas analysis, but the two are reliably enough correlated that the safe, convenient, noninvasive, and inexpensive pulse oximetry method is a useful measurement of oxygen saturation for domestic use (source: Wikipedia).


It should be noted that SpO2 readings can vary with the finger being monitored. For best results, remain consistent and either use index, middle, or ring finger to take measurements and always remain still i.e. movement, for example during physical activity will result in accurate data reading.


The RX series of Pulse Oximeters by medical manufacturer Contec (since 1997) are accurate, yet affordable way for spot-checking blood oxygen saturation levels and pulse rate. The blood-oxygen monitor displays the percentage of blood that is loaded with oxygen. More specifically, it measures the percentage of haemoglobin, the protein in blood that carries oxygen, is loaded. Acceptable normal ranges for patients without pulmonary pathology are from 95 to 99 percent.


Clear OLED HD health data display

Best pulse spo2 oximeter for the home travel and sportsACCURATE O2 SATURATION & PULSE: The RX Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Monitor accurately determines within +-2% SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation levels), pulse rate and pulse strength and displays it clearly on a clear digital LED display.


EASY FAST & CONVENIENT: Getting a reading is fast and easy. Simply clip the monitor to the end of your finger and turn it on with the press of a single button. SpO2 and Pulse Rate data are graphed on a bright LED display to prevent ambient light washout, providing crisp and clear reading every time.


The average time for a reading to display is 8~10 seconds. And unlke many other oximeters that are difficult to read because they only display in one direction, the RX can display in 6 different directions, making it easy to read no matter which direction the monitor is pointing. Has dual color LED & brightness adjustment.


FOR SPORTS & HEALTH: Because of its light and compact size it's an ideal travel companion for sports enthusiasts such as runners, cyclists, mountain climbers, skiers and anyone interested in measuring their SpO2 and pulse rate. While the RX is handy for detecting vital signs, it is not intended for medical use but rather for situations when you may need to know your oxygen level, for example after a workout, or while away from home traveling or on a plane.


Pulse monitor with OLED multi direction display of blood o2 readingsONE SIZE DESIGN: The simple SMART spring design of the fingertip monitor ensures that it fits all finger sizes from kids above four years of age to adults.


LIGHT & PORTABLE: Weighing in at just 50 grams and included as an option extra with every oximeter monitor is a travel case that protects it from accidental damage, so carrying the RX pulse oximeter, whether on its own or inside a gym bag or backpack, is incredibly convenient. Attaching the included lanyard either directly to the case or to the oximeter makes it even more convenient to carry.


LOW POWER USAGE: Powered by two AAA batteries, the oximeter has an automatic power down feature when detecting inactivity of 5 seconds. Low power consumption gives the RX the capacity to provide up to 32 hours of continuous use.

NB. For accurate data reading, it s important that you use the monitor while stationary and not in motion.



Oxygen is essential to life and there are times when we need to monitor its level in our blood to detect if our body is functioning normally. The RX Pulse Oximeter unit is a device designed to provide an accurate reading of your blood oxygen level and pulse rate from your fingertip in as little as eight seconds.


Small light and easy to carry spo2 oximeter monitorQUICK AND EASY OPERATION IN THREE SIMPLE STEPS

  1. Remove the back cover and install two AAA batteries.
  2. Insert your finger by aligning it with the red light and wait for the oximeter to switch on.
  3. Read the results in eight to ten seconds.


The RX Oximeter is a painless and non-invasive device that shows you:

OXYGEN SATURATION or SpO2 LEVEL: Shows the percentage of how much haemoglobin in your blood is carrying oxygen, with normal levels at 95% or greater.

PULSE RATE: Provides the number of heartbeats per minute PULSE INTENSITY: Displayed as a bar graph PULSE WAVE: Shows the strength of your pulse in wave form.

LOW POWER CONSUMPTION To conserve power, the oximeter automatically powers off after 5 seconds of inactivity and can deliver up to 32 continuous hours of battery life.


The RX Home spo2 Pulse Monitor good for fitness and travelPORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN

Weighing just 50 grams with batteries, every RX Oximeter has the additional option of a convenient travel case that protects it from scratches while carrying it on its own or inside your gym bag, backpack or luggage. Attach the included lanyard to the case or directly to the oximeter for easy access anytime.



Read your oxygen saturation level and pulse rate data results with remarkable clarity in portrait or landscape positions with auto rotation that detects your hand movement.



While a Pulse Oximeter is not intended for medical use, it is the simplest and most convenient way to detect and monitor vital signs quickly and simply before and after any strenuous activity, such as a workout at home or in the gym, or for sports such as running, cycling, basketball or tennis. People who work in aviation or travellers who fly frequently need an oximeter to know if their oxygen level is dropping so they can take steps to bring it back to normal.


RX Finger Pulse Oximeter comes with convenient carry case and lanyard

*1. Display Mode: Dual color OLED display
*2. Power Supply: 2 * AAA batteries (not included)
*3. Power: less than 30mA
*4. Voltage: DC3.0V
*5. Product Size: 5.7 x 3.2 x 3.3 cm
*6. Screen Resolution: 128*64
*7. SpO2 Measurement Range: 0% ~ 100%
*8. PR Measurement Range: 30bpm ~ 250bpm


1 x Contec RX Oximeter
1 x manual
1 x lanyard

* AAA batteries NOT incl. in current stocks
* Protective case (optional extra)



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